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The Ohio Substance Abuse Monitoring (OSAM)

The Ohio Substance Abuse Monitoring (OSAM) Network  is a collaborative effort funded by the Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services (ODADAS) in association with stakeholders in the substance abuse community throughout Ohio. The primary mission of OSAM is to provide a dynamic picture of substance abuse trends and newly emerging problems within Ohio’s communities every six months. The OSAM Network has the capacity to respond rapidly to investigate new drugs being used on the streets as well as monitoring drug and alcohol abuse and changes in drug abuse or drug-using populations. OSAM provides substance abuse professionals and policy makers with the information necessary to plan for alcohol and drug addiction prevention, treatment and recovery services, and to respond to previously unrecognized drug and alcohol problems among underserved populations.

The OSAM Network disseminates its findings through a variety of publications. Drug trend reports are comprehensive reports that provide general epidemiological descriptions of substance abuse trends across the state, focusing on drug availability, prices, quality, and abuse patterns. Reports are published on a biannual basis shortly after OSAM researchers meet as a group in January and June of each year. Critical findings are also disseminated through “OSAM-O-GRAMS,” one-page summary reports that briefly and graphically represent significant substance abuse trends. Targeted Response Initiatives (TRI’s)* represent another publication that typically focus on specific substance abuse-related issues that ODADAS has determined need further investigation. This targeted response capability provides ODADAS with a necessary tool to collect information in order to respond to substance abuse issues in a timely and effective manner.   

* Targeted Response Initiatives were originally called Rapid Response Initiatives.