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Allocation Guidelines
The Ohio Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services(OhioMHAS) receives funds from the Ohio General Assembly and distributes those funds to local mental health systems that are administered by alcohol, drug addiction and mental health (ADAMH) or community mental health (CMH) boards. The distribution of funds is broadly guided by the intent of the Ohio General Assembly. Within that broad guidance, OhioMHAS provides direction and creates priorities for the use of funds to provide a continuum of services that meet consumers’ needs and that is run efficiently, effectively and results in quality outcomes.


State Fiscal Year 2017

State Fiscal Year 2016

Community Medication Allocation Forms

SFY 2016 1st Qtr SSBG (Title XX) Allocations

SFY 2016 2nd Qtr SSBG (Title XX) Allocations

SFY 2016 3rd Qtr SSBG (Title XX) Allocations

SFY 2016 4th Qtr SSBG (Title XX) Allocations

State Fiscal Year 2015

MBR Funding Community Medication Allocation Forms SFY 2015 “Hot Spot” Collaborative Projects

The budget template will be used to initiate a timeline for when the funds will be disbursed, by fiscal quarter, in order to support the specific project. Additionally, the data will be compiled to report on projects by name, location, target population, or service activity.

The FY 15 Hot Spots are funded from two GRF sources (421 and 507). Each collaborative workbook template has two worksheets; one for 421 and one for 507. The template is designed to be Project specific so please be aware of which worksheet is being used. Please submit budgets to to receive funding.

State Fiscal Year 2014

State Fiscal Year 2014/2015 (Federal Fiscal Year 2015)

Title XX (Social Service Block Grant)

State Fiscal Year 2014

Collaborative Projects/Hot Spots

SAPT Block Grant FY 2014 Board Funds