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About Licensure and Certification

The Ohio Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services (OhioMHAS) has statutory and regulatory authority over providers of mental health services to Ohio consumers. Separate standards apply depending on the type and level of service provided.

More about the Office of Licensure and Certification...
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For more information on licensure and certification, e-mail our licensure and certification staff.

Community Mental Health Agencies
Community mental health agencies require certification by OhioMHAS when they provide mental health services that are funded by a community mental health board or when they are subject to department licensure of a residential facility according to section 5119.22 of the Revised Code. Community Mental Health Agencies may also voluntarily request certification. More about certification of community mental health agencies...
Adult Care Facilities and Adult Foster Homes

Adult Care Facilities (ACFs) and Adult Foster Homes (AFoHs) require licensure by OhioMHAS to provide accommodations, supervision and personal care services to unrelated adults. More about licensure of Adult Care Facilities and Adult Foster homes...

Inpatient Psychiatric Service Providers
Private inpatient psychiatric service providers require licensure by OhioMHAS if they are private psychiatric hospitals providing acute inpatient mental health services. More about licensure of private inpatient psychiatric service providers...
Residential Facilities
Residential facilities require licensure by OhioMHAS if they operate a publicly or privately operated home or facility serving individuals with mental illness. More about licensure of residential facilities...
Certification and Licensure Rules
A provider interested in obtaining Certification and/or Licensure is encouraged to read the applicable standards for a more detailed explanation of the rules and processes involved in Certification and/or Licensure. More about certification and licensure rules...
Incident Reporting

Licensed residential and certified community agencies must track critical care incidents related to health and safety within their facilities. Incident notification reports may be submitted in one of the following three ways:

Fax: (614) 485-9737
Mail: OhioMHAS – Community Client Safety Manager
30 East Broad Street – 8th Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215